How We Measure


  • Regardless of an item’s size, we highly advise that everyone check their own measurements with a measuring tape and compare it to the sizing measurements listed in each item’s description.
  • All measurements are approximate and are listed in inches in each item's description.
    • Items with “no stretch” listed in the description, will have “little-to-no stretch” depending on the material content of the garment (ie: 100% cotton). Please keep this in mind and always refer to item measurements in the description, compared with your own measurements.
    • For “stretchy” items, we’ll list measurements: (1) not stretched, to (2) max stretched/taut, to show how much the item can stretch, to fit a variety of sizes; for example: waist: 28”~48” taut/stretched.


CHEST: The first measurement we use to fit tops is the chest. We measure pit-to-pit, edge to edge. We then double that measurement, so 20” laid flat would give us a 40” chest measurement.


    FRONT LENGTH: We measure the front length of shirts/tops, from the shoulder seam, straight down to the bottom hem.


      SLEEVE LENGTH: The sleeve length is measured from the shoulder seam, down to the edge of the sleeve cuff.



        WAIST: To measure the waist, we measure edge to edge along the waistband, with the waist pulled flat, but not stretched. We then double that measurement, so 16” laid flat would give us a 32” waist measurement.


          FRONT RISE: For the front rise, we measure from the crotch seam intersection to the top of the waistband.


            INSEAM: For the inseam, we lay the leg flat with the inseam on top, and measure from the crotch to the hem.



                HOW WE MEASURE DRESSES