The "Moissanite Rose" Collection


      Shop luxurious and affordable Moissanite Jewelry in stunning 925 Sterling Silver, featuring: moissanite engagement rings, moissanite cocktail rings, moissanite bracelets, moissanite necklaces and more.

      Moissanites are gifts from the stars. Originally discovered inside the crater of a meteorite, moissanite is a unique substance formed from silicon carbide. When comparing moissanites and diamonds, you'll find that they retain several of the same characteristics. They have a similar durability on the Moh's scale, come in a variety of colors, and to the untrained eye can pass for one another. Moissanites, however, display a unique rainbow scintillation that you can't find in diamonds. Loose moissanites are also much more affordable than their diamond counterparts, allowing dreams of a large center stone to more easily become reality.

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