Long overdue!

Long overdue!

It’s been a while since we had one of our 'ClosetCupid’ chitchats with news & updates - long overdue!

Lately, the notion of productivity is pushed through our conscious with an incessant romanticism of over-working oneself. How about we take a different path? One where taking breaks to recharge and reset your energy before things unravel is celebrated and affirmed.

Although a picture-perfect vacay to the Caribbean is always more preferable, if that isn’t an option at the moment, simply taking small breaks away from the busy notifications of your phone is a little step that is destined to go a long way. Internet breaks before bed help with getting a good night’s sleep - nourishment that our bodies crave

Spend time soaking in the vibrant rays of the sun in the morning, reflecting on an exciting day ahead of you and practicing gratitude. Take time out to engage in sensory activities for a calm and focused start to your morning. Find ways to incorporate slow living into your lifestyle, staying away from scheduling every second of your day. It often causes more stress than it relieves. The further we are from the constant alerts of our phones, the more in touch we are with

So in the spirit of rejuvenating, I took a mini self-care detox during my recent residential (and small-business) relocation. A new change of scenery that echoes the cheerful sound of birds whistling in the morning and the peaceful sounds of crickets chirping at dusk in the backyard; and one of the most vibrant skies during sunrise on my balcony. This new change of scenery helped me unwind weeks worth of work and put me back in tune with my most essential business goals, and most importantly, myself and my most inner-peace.

As for ClosetCupid, it’s been a thrilling few weeks! We’re brimming with excitement as we’re on the brink of launching brand new winter collections for Nov/Dec, while we’re also setting off a brand new campaign on Instagram Shopping which will include tons of perks and promo codes for Instagram shoppers that prefer to checkout on Instagram instead of the site! Because let’s face it, these days its all about the insta shopping for me! 😉 So here’s a 15% off promo code  if you checkout on our instagram shop! 👇 🥳

With so many exciting take-offs in sight over the upcoming months, and even more surprises in preparation of 2023, we’re thrilled to announce lots to come and we can’t wait share it all with you! 

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Till next time!


Diana —@ClosetCupid 🏹💕

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